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Quantum dots: A foot step towards Nanomedicine

Tuesday (18.06.2019)
16:45 - 17:00

The metal oxide quantum dots (QDs), which are having a special place in the family of nanoscience and nanotechnology because of their very small dimension ~2-10 nm, having about 10-50 atoms in diameter. These unique material exhibit larger surface area of the crystals, highest valence and lowest conduction band and releases more energy, when the crystal returns to its resting state. Although, QDs are having various applications in electronic such as solar cells, LED, UV illuminator, screen televisions, has property to glow particular color after being illuminated by light. Very limited informations are available to use of QDs as a nanomedicine. Due to their very small size, it provides various advantages and can be possible to enter in any types of biological identities/targets such as cells and microbes etc. The studies demonstrated the use of QDs as nanomedicine and were check their efficacy against cancer cells (myoblast and others). Various studies were performed such as MTT assay was used to know the % viability of cells in presence of different concentration of QDs, incubation period (24, 48, and 72 h), cells morphology, intrinsic effect etc. The Real Time PCR, which is the back bone to know the genetic studies, was used to check the apoptosis in cells with different genes at different incubation time. Including this, the study was also authenticated with different analytical parameters such as limit of quantitation, detection, recovery, relative standard deviation, which is highly affected and significant analysis under the different doses of QDs with cells. On the basis of acquired studies and their observations, the possible mechanism was also presented.

Prof. Dr. Rizwan Wahab
King Saud University
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Farheen Khan
    Taibah University
  • Prof. Yogendra Kumar Mishra
    Kiel University