Abstracts are solicited on the basic principles, modelling and simulation, synthesis, characterization, and applications of intelligent materials, especially of:

•    smart materials (piezoelectrics, magnetostrictive materials, shape memory alloys),
•    multiferroic materials and composites,
•    multifunctional materials and composites,
•    memristive materials and devices,
•    biofunctional materials,
•    bioinspired materials
•    biohybrid materials.

In addition to invited plenary lectures, the conference encompasses oral and poster presentations.

Moreover, contributions related to the Collaborative Research Center CRC 1261 (Magnetoelectric Sensors: From Composite Materials to Biomagnetic Diagnostics), the Research Training Group RTG 2154 (Materials for Brain (M4B): Thin film functional materials for minimally invasive therapy of brain diseases.) and the Research Group FOR 2093 (Memristive devices for neuronal systems) will be included.